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The development history of CROWN POWER:

In 1887, The British Wilhelm Hellesen invented the earliest dry batteries. Relative to the liquid battery, the electrolyte of dry battery is paste to easy to carry and will not spill, Therefore access to a wide range of applications. Hellesen's company has begun to realized that the car battery in the future will be widely used, decisive transformation R & D car to start the battery since 1904, the first British car EdmundLewis out of the world's most advanced Coventry car factory

Based on over 100 year’ experience of battery manufacturing , leading technology and global resource network and Radiation of the whole of China’service network of Shenzhen CRN Energy System Co., Ltd., CRN is committed to communication, IDC room, UPS, track Transportation, finance, electricity, petrochemical, nuclear power, new energy and automotive OEM manufacturers and other industries to provide the best quality products and improve the sales and after-sales services.